Sunday, March 10, 2013

That German And His Delectable Secret.
Photographed and Written by JUN REYNALES.

Pablo Ocampo Ave. cor. Dungon Street, SAV, Makati City, Philippines, February 28, 2013Nope, I’m not talking about some sinister plot to destroy the world nor another catastrophic invasion of some sort. Far from it actually.  

I’m talking about that fateful chance to visit that simple place around that corner in Makati City called GotoMonster. Own and operated by the wonderful couple – Michael Spliedt and Jean Hill.  They’ve been asking me to come over and check out their secret place that’s getting to be the talk-of-the-town place where SUVs, Benz, Jags, Rovers are becoming a popular sight.

I finally decided to go last February 28 -- bike commute all the way from Taguig City.

It was one damn hot day to ride, as I pedaled myself slowly around horrendous traffic around the whole route, dodging half-crazed drivers, was despicable to say the least. Hell must’ve been caught in that traffic as almost everyone gave me their most evil stares as I merrily criss-crossed passed all of them. Good thing and thanks for bike commuting! Despite that “microwave-like” ride I arrived in one piece and survived the heat. From a distance, I already saw the couple waving at me – and must be thinking “this guy’s crazy biking with this hot afternoon weather”. Hehe.

Now comes the best part of that bike commute.

Michael Spliedt shared to me their best-kept delectable secret – that delicious and generous serving of their Goto (rice porridge) complete with all the best ingredients that makes it perfectly and aptly called Goto Monster. This german indeed found that secret formula that touches the very heart and soul of every filipino – a delicious Goto – being one of the most popular “merienda” and comfort food that everyone loves.

Added to that was its sinful partner dish, delicious and crunchy Tokwa’t-Baboy (cuts of cubed tofu with freshly-fried crunchy pork cutlets) sprinkled with spring onions. Man, talk about hell-and-heaven mixed in one serving!  Aside from that, they had me sampled their deep-fried Spring Roll Bean Strings (called locally as Lumpiang Toge). Dabbed with a little vinegar with chili, and you’ll be smiling for satisfaction. End of it was the Mais-Con-Yelo that Jean Hill had me tried. She even added an extra slices of Leche Flan. Jean, you’re really sweet. Thanks for that!

Over an ice-cold softdrink to flush down all those yummy delights, Michael Spliedt and Jean Hill told me, that despite the hoards of expensive cars and vehicles that trooped in their Goto Monster, any time of the day since they’re open 24hrs. sxcept Sundays, neighbors goes and orders their meal and picks it up anytime as their prices are affordable and within the budget range of anyone – be them in SUVs or like me in a bicycle.

Despite the crazy heat and traffic that last day of February, it was worth my time and travel on my bike to be fortunate enough to be treated of heaven on that hell-time here on earth. Thanks Michael and Jean for that wonderful reward that one hot afternoon.

So... you WANT GOTO?  Then go there!

I tell you, after the experience all you can say would be... Life is Good!


marian said...

Hi! Would you know how I can get in touch with Michael? I am interested to feature Goto Monster in

Jun Reynales said...

just go anytime in their shop at vitocruz ext. sav makati city, he's there most of the time these days, marian.

i'm sure michael would love to receive you there. best regards.

marian said...

Thank you!