Friday, July 13, 2012

Tipanan – A Buffet of Cultural Delicacies.
Written and Photographed by JUN REYNALES.

Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group
            July 11, 2012, Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati City, Philippines“Tipanan” a loose Filipino word that means gathering or to gather. It is an old classic word that means of having to gather – of good friends, families, and loveones – be it of some exciting celebration of life, birth, death or to whatever purpose to celebrate.  That was what happened in that dinner event in Makati City.
            It was a buffet presentation of the marvelous and world-class music by the Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group, The Company, The Hotdog Band, young vocalist Jerica Villanueva, Lance Reblando and the God’s Little Sparrows choir.
The Company shows them
            This “Tipanan” showcased the beautiful cultural diversity that our country have. It showed, that as early on in our ancestral families, the majestic stature we always have in us – like those beautiful food and dishes served that festive night – each of our little pieces of culture and history complements each other and bore the sons of what we as Filipinos now lives.  The night’s event was like a showcase of the different “alibata” of the Philippines. 
            It was a cultural awakening that, our culture, is similar to a complex jigsaw puzzle that you need to see the full pieces all in the right places together in order to understand and appreciate what a real Filipino is.  Our complications as a country is what makes us very interesting and fascinating.

Filipino consul general and crowd enjoyed the show
            With more than 7,000 islands that encompasses more than 9 billion people currently living and interacting in a complex web of life in our country, it is but an exciting challenge for me – through my camera lens and pen – to get the chance to learn, feel and imbibe the beauty of our cultural diversity.  Now I know my objective, now I know what to help promote and adhere to – the appreciative beauty of the people, the places, the traditions and culture, and well, basically the lives of the country. It is like looking at the buffet table feast – to many to choose to partake and enjoy. One subject at a time, one soul to digest. One thing is certain though, I look forward to capture the moment of each cultural treat that will be offered to me. Now that’s what I am do as part of this delectable culture.
             Now I am hungry. So who is with me in my quest of this cultural adventure advocacy?  Indeed... Life is Good!

The Hotdog Band wows them
** This event was organized by the Philippines' Department of Tourism together with the Department of Foreign Affairs with the generous sponsorship of the Western Union Philippines.

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