Tuesday, December 25, 2012

That Feeling of Christmas: Pasig City brings the Spirit of Christmas to everyone’s heart.
Written & Photographed by JUN REYNALES.

Rizal Plaza, Pasig City, Philippines, Dec. 22-23, 2012 –   The Christmas Spirit is definitely in the air! It’s chill brings gentle breeze even to the warmest heart of every Filipinos these days.

Most specially to every beautiful Pasigueño in that city.

Of which, I was fortunate to see, take photos, and experience the two days (of a series of nine days) festive open-air concert presentations, prepared and organized by Pasig City local government.  These open-air concert presentations were done in the city’s Rizal Plaza, a central area which is a few hundred meters away from Pasig City hall which, now festooned with brilliant lights all over (that can outmatch even the most exclusive villages and expensive malls in Metro Manila). The excitement came to life as soon as darkness fell the plaza, and animately worked its wonders to the mesmerized audience... all eagerly awaiting the concert of their home-grown talents to start.

And talents they have indeed!

From the presentations of the Pasig City’s police group (coming from their day’s duty securing the lives of their loved neighboorhood), the awesome seranata of Bowie Gonzales & Thea Edades’ enthralled their listeners to heartful renditions of Kundiman and Harana music, to the lively orchestra of The Pasig City Band who’s performances from the standard orchestra music to Kenny G.’s jazz rendition, delightful musical carol treats all the way... well, to the children’s delight – Oppa Gangnam Style... the whole plaza was alive and ablazed with bright-eyed smiles and cheers all those nights! 

You really felt that Christmas was not only in the air but also in the hearts of every Pasigueno present. From all classes of folks, young and old alike, didn’t matter as they were all there as one --  as a Pasigueño who fortunate to feel and hear the beautiful presentations of their own city talents.

And that’s what matters most – these wonderful talents presented not only their crafts to the delighted audiences but, in essense, have had shared the real valuable spirt of Christmas to each Pasigueño.  That’s were the beauty of this joyous wonderful event achieved.

No opulence nor abundance of even the plushes presentations of some the upscale malls and department stores within Metro Manila matched those nights the excitement and wonder mattered. Those enchanting evening of music by these talented Pasigueño all sufficed to satisfy them. All seen through their eyes and smiles those nights. What a beautiful sight to see!

Most specially to the eyes of the children who watched the performances. It’s as if it seemed that they were magically transported into some wonderland with all throves of gifts from Santa Claus. Amazement is all over their faces. All smiles in wonder. All in what a real heartfelt-child those nights, and their dreams fulfilled at those moments.

No amount of classy and expensive presentations, nor a put-upped PR’d efforts can match the eyes and heart of any innocent child present then.

I have seen so much kinds of Christmas in my age: in different forms and sizes, in different kinds of events and activities. But all those times, I’ve never felt the beauty of what the real essence of Christmas other to what I have seen during my adventure to watch such wonderful presentation.

It’s a good fleeting chance of moment in my life as a photographer, as a writer, as a person who discovered the beauty of what Christmas should ought to be... from the eyes and hearts on those cold evenings of presentations in the center of Pasig.

I was probably at the heart of that city during those fortunate nights as I have experienced the warmth of every Pasigueno’s heart present during those nights.

And that was the best Christmas delight I have discovered in my life so far... best ever gift of life I've discovered too.

Thank you, Pasig City.  Indeed... Life is Good!

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