Friday, June 28, 2013

Agri-Men: Cultivating the Future of the Philippines’ Agriculture.
Photographed and Written by JUN REYNALES.

Echague, Isabela Province, June 12, 2013 – When men, technology and the desire to improve the agricultural productivity means “Freedom!”

It is but befitting that the agricultural event to demostrate new ways and  technology of commercial and industrial farming was led by three gallant men:  Joseph Calata – one of today’s illustrious and youngest billionaire of the country, and commands the new breed of agricultural distribution business named Calata Corporation;  Ricardo Villacrusis – an agressive and intuitive agriculturist who’s creedo and advocacy is to improve the productivity of the current performance and output of our agricultural products to help improved the lifestyles of our farming communities around the country. A savvy person with vast experiences in the agricultural sector and industry; and lastly, the enigmatic Argentinian -- Nico Bolzico, who heads the LM10 Agricultural Corporation that helps and assists the transfer of resources, technology and ideas in aiming to increase and modify performance output of our country’s crops. 

These three persons formed the triumvirate in this event to showcase and share to the townsfolks and farming community of Echague, Isabela Province some new techniques, machineries, and designs to increase produce yield designed specifically for the rough terrains of the province. As noted during their research earlier (they’ve been able to study and analyze the soil composition details and crop terrains), they suggested some better and advance farming techniques best suited to the land.
With the technology showcase from the Argentinian company called Siembra Directa Corporation, they were able to show during the event the use of new heavy equipments like trackors with attached modified soil tillers and planters, and those with fertilizer-spraying arms, and how best to use these equipments. 

All eager local farmers, farmers’ cooperatives, local agricultural managers, and even agricultural majors students from Cagayan State University – all intently listen and observe the demostration, lectures, and video presentation done.

Joseph Calata shared to the media persons who trooped to see the event told them that, “through the increased efficiency and performance of our country’s agricultural sector specifically our local famers needed the boosts and its about time they get assistance from companies like Calata Corporation”. He added that, “it is befitting that this day being our country’s celebration of 115th Philippines Independence Day, we share the responsibility of having to alleviate the burden of low and often unsupported brothers in the agricultural industry by arming them new technology and ways to far exceed current output they do. We can all do it.”

Meanwhile, Nico Bolzico and the other Argentinian agri-technologists shared to the guests and  the crowd the different machineries, and how they are used on the field. Showcasing the tractors -- runnng back and forth -- around the huge demonstration farm field, all keen eyes watched around them. Personally, I find it funny, and thinks that it is like us (as kids) with new toys moving in front of us. Hehe. Nice toys indeed.

The best sight was when Nico Bolzico was approached by the eager students from Cagayan State University to ask more detailed information – a good exchanges of ideas amongst them too. As Nico added, “these are the next generation of business partners of LM10 Agricultural Corporation and future agri-technologists!”  Yes, they sure looked that way indeed.

In half the day, the event finished and everybody was all hot from the humid farm field – thank God it didn’t rain though as it could’ve turned out to be so muddy and slippery. Not a good sight of people down in the mud. Hehe. Anyway, a good lunch treat of some grilled salmon cuts, salad, barbeques, rice, and some iced tea and sodas.

First time I’ve experienced celebrating the country’s independence day celebration in a different perspective. And all I can say is... Burp!

Not only for the food and the drinks... but for the whole learning experience.

Indeed... Life is Good!

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