Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Afternoon Delight in Pasig City

April 19, 2009, In the heart of Pasig City --  It's not what you think! It was one sunday under the summer sweltering heat that pervades within the city that I decided to get out of the house and relieve myself of this misery. Went out and got in a jeep and rode towards the center of town of Pasig City, and thinking of splurging some nice treat in one of the popular fast-food restaurant in the area. 

While my ride goes bumpily on its way I was already thinking and checking out my options where to get my nice treat - McDonald's, Jollibee, KFC, Greenwich. Nice options so I thought. In some occasional stops I was in the area in just some 30 minutes or so.

Got off my ride.

I am finally in the area. I see the old parish church of Pasig. A nice church with much of its old history still in it I supposed as its magnificent belfry tower lords it over the crowded streets below. I noticed too that the area are abuzz with people minding their own businesses, and others that are minding other people's businesses. Why am I not surprised? Well only in the Philippines I guess wherein the favorite pastime and hobby is observing other people's chores and lives.

Going back to my quest for my afternoon delight, I checked out my options. There are my popular fast-food options. Nice. But wait. I noticed sometime new to me and not from a popular-sounding establishment. A local store. Alone standing amidst the steep competition that other fast-food giants offer. Hmmm. Very intriguing. I decided to be adventurous and try out the new place. That's it. I am trying out that new place.

I cross the street, walked and passed people nonchalantly doing their own business. After a few pace I was already standing in front of the store. Yellow and Lavender was their colors. 

I stepped in and checked their menu board. Hmmm. Looks okay so far. The food seems to be okay and affordable. Scanned my options. Saw something interesting for me. Tiramisu Ice Cream. The way it was shown it seems to be prepared as a Banana Split Ice Cream. Cool. I decided to order that. It's 55 pesos. Not bad.

Got my place beside two old ladies feasting on their ice cream treats with gusto.

After some few minutes, my order came. Nice! It has even one whole Cherry on it! Not even the popular ice cream house uses one whole cherry now. Not bad for a humble ice cream store. My treat also has two pieces of Broas, Chocolate, Mango, Ube ice creams that's topped with whipped cream and that whole cherry. Yummy! The service portion is not bad at all too. 

Summing it up, I was surprised and happy with my adventure spoon has brought me to. Although unplanned it was a good place to go to. The place wasn't even that bad to consider. And there are other options to partake. I'd look forward to go there and try other on their menu. Soon perhaps. I just have to get rid of my cough and cold now. Pesky weather! Hot and humid then intermittent rains. 

Anyway, I would go back to that place. Soon. I look forward to getting my treat again there soon. The place is simple. It's called the Ice Cream Store. 

Not a bad place to have a decent ice cream treat. 

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