Monday, May 28, 2012

Veteran photojournalist Luis Liwanag shares 
his insights during the celebration at 
Tanghalang Pasigueno.
Written & Photographed by JUN REYNALES.

Tanghalang Pasigueno, Pasig City, May 20, 2012 --- Nope, we’re not talking about the existence of any celepods, nor varmins, nor insects... not at all.  But it was the day that the Pasig Shutter Bugs (PaShuBu), a collective individuals who are binded with one passion: Photography.

Choosing the winners of the
themed competiition of Pasig Shutter Bugs.
Last May 20, 2012 they have celebrated their two years of existence. As what Elaine Cedillo, one of the officers of this merry bunch of photographers, in a emotional speech and teary-eyed expression thanked those who attended that “through think and thin, through trials and tribulation”, the challenges that brought the group in their previous years have resulted in a stronger and more closer group together. First time ever, the group have reached an overwhelming attendance of 80 photographers, so far the most numbered attendance for the organization.
Excited photographers prepares
to shoot beautiful models.

One of the beautiful and
young models that day.
With food and drinks that was served to everyone that day, with the fun photoshoot activities, swap-meet activities, and hilarious banters during the raffles and open-shoot competition awards, it was indeed a very memorable event for the group. Also notable in this event was the sharing of expertise and experiences of Luis Liwanag, a veteran photographer and photojournalist, to the excited individuals wanting to know how to become a good photojournalist. He also judged the top 3 photographs during the day’s photo competition. Through Canon’s PIXMA printer, which sponsored for the day’s printing of photos on-site, everyone had a merry time on photography, food, drinks, and well... camaraderie. With three gorgeous female models who were dolled up by professional hair and make-up artists headed by Myra Ibanez Bendana, it was a complete fun day indeed!

Not bad for being a Bug for a day.  Can't wait for the next year's celebration. It will be more fun, more food and drinks, and more beautiful photographs... that's for sure.

Life is Good!

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