Thursday, June 7, 2012

On Priesthood and Peanut Butter.
Written and Photographed by JUN REYNALES.

St. Camillus Provincialate Compound, Varsity Hills, Loyola Heights, QC, June 2, 2012 ---  It was a feast to my soul, and stomach, as I was invited to take photos of an event last May 31 and June 2 for the Profession of Vows and Ordination to the Sacred Deacons of four illustrious young men – Rev. John Paul Alvarado, MI., Rev. Jayson Labrador, MI., Rev. John Jay Magpusao, MI., and Rev. Eliseo Navarro, MI., held on both dates at St. Camillus Provincialate Compound at Varsity Hills, Loyola Heights, in Quezon City. I was to shoot as back-up to another photographer - Anna Karina Buenaventura - an intrepid travel photographer, who invited and asked me to be a volunteer-photographer on both days. I simple agreed.

It was a windy and rainy afternoon in Quezon City as thunder roars amidst the strong downpour as we were preparing for the event 3pm that time. While we were waiting for the rains to subside, we were invited for some snacks in the dining area of the convent. The priests and brothers were having fun and feasting on peanut butter and bread. I noticed also of bananas, other jellies on the table open to anybody’s picking. With the anticipation of the fun event that afternoon, with the willy-wily fun of the priests and brothers, it was such a wonderful time eating snacks with them.

Fast-forward: Lunch came and I noticed that they’d served Kare-kare, which comes with a good hefty delicious servings of peanut sauce. Nice! It has been my favorite – Kare-kare, of course. And with a good mix of peanut butter to the dish, it came out more feasting to everybody’s palate including me. Hehe.

Thereafter it dawned on me – what was so good about this bunch of wonderful men and geniune laughter pervades amongst them? Are they like the delicious peanut butter that is good to everyone palate? Are they as flexible as the peanut butter – from bread, to bananas, to bisquits, to cakes and stews like the Kare-kare?

Conventional wisdom tells you that there should neither be linked nor compared.

But this was not a conventional time. It was the time when few good men answered and heed the call of priesthood. A vocation meant for serious consideration, of serious sacrifices, and serious affirmation of beliefs. And on those two days, I witnessed all the fervor and intent on these four wonderful young men willing to go more than an extra mile... to serve.

I saw these four men like peanut butter. Put them to the different challenges in anyone’s lives and they will come out smiling and giggling – like those little young boys with ticklish ears at play – as sweet and pleasing to the senses... well, like peanut butter.

What I experienced in taking photos in this sacred event was delicious: if I’d have my mouth speak for me, as it was a magnificent sight -- a few good men at the service of our Lord.

That’s why I love peanut butter... always.  Indeed... Life is Good!

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