Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Surge of Bloggers as Bikers.
Written and Photographed by JUN REYNALES.

Pan de Americana, Marikina City, August 4, 2012They came in droves in their Spyders. Nope, not as an insect infestation, but as a swanky group of young professional bloggers who braved one cold rainy weekend to bicycle around in Marikina City.  Since most of them are first-time bike-commuters, they are gutsy and brave indeed.

It was a short slow-paced bicycle ride around Marikina City’s main thoroughfares, with occasional rains, did not dampen the spirits of these intrepid adventurous bloggers to explore and experience the streets in a bicycle that day.  

They came, they pedaled... and they conquered!

With the help of Mia Bunao of The Firefly Brigade, and Carlota Contreras of the Marikina Bikeways, these excited bloggers converged as early as 6am, to enjoy the challenging bike tour around Marikina City. These two wonderful bicycling community leaders shared important and vital information on behavior and ways how-to bike commute. On-hand they’ve experienced bike commuting and how to behave as a fellow road-user, amidst the jockying for the road with the local jeepneys, buses, cars, vans, motorcycles and the rest of those who were on the road that day. It might have been a scary experience for the first-time bike commuters, but as experienced bicyclists who joined and guided them during the whole ride -- they survived to tell their stories. What an adventure is must’ve been to them.  

Rest-stop point was the famous Pan de Americana bakery in Ordoñez Street in SSS Village, Marikina City, as the whole gang was treated with a good brunch and drinks.  What a lovely place to stop, rest and have good food!

Coupled with the dynamic tandem of Francis Romero and Karyl Moral from the Spyder Philippines,  the experience on that day’s bicycle ride, albeit with strong rains and winds, have given each blogger  a sense of accomplishment.  They were equipped with the latest and modern bicycle helmets and sunglasses – geared up for their first time bike commuting adventure – courtesy of Spyder Philippines.

Francis Romero added that this event marks a new program and direction for new adventures .. Being bicycling as one of their interest, they will set more fun and exciting lifestyle adventures in the coming days to come. Exploring new adventure-bound frontiers will become more exciting with this company at the helm. 

I look forward to explore new sights, new places, see new things, capture all them through my lenses and pens as a I photograph and write stories about this upcoming adventures. And with Spyder to work wonders for me, it will be one exciting adventure indeed.

Enough said. Now let me finish my breakfast... already told you the story that day. Hehe.

                                 Indeed... Life is Good!

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