Monday, August 13, 2012

Rock Duo – Tandem for the Environment.
Written & Photographed by JUN REYNALES.

Tiendesitas, Pasig City, August 5, 2012 – They Rock! Literally! 
Terrible bad weekend weather of strong monsoon rains and floods didn’t stop the dynamic duo of Ildefonso B. Vista and Leandro T. Inocencio to venture and showcase their rock-balancing stones skills and exhibit in Tiendesitas exhibit hall along C-5 in Pasig City last August 5, 2012.

Both these amazing guys formed the country’s first Rock Balancing Philippines organization with other environmentally-aware and concerned individuals, mostly hailing from the municipal town of Tanay in Rizal Province. They promote and campaign for the cleaner and greener environment through their rock-balancing artworks, and also campaign for people to learn to appreciate the beauty of the backlands of our provinces that encompases the different mountain trails and riverbends.

Talking with Leandro T. Inocencio during this exhibit, he further explains that as you get to be more conscious and aware of the different qualities and forms of rocks that are imbedded along the rivers and valleys, one gets to learn to assess if these rocks are of the local areas or from other areas (mostly being awashed and carried over during heavy torrential rains that engulfs and were flushed down the river). 

Leandro added that should the rocks found were not from the local area but from further upstream locations – meant only that there was possible chances of heavy mining or quarrying (whether past or present) have led to the forest degradation and environmental destruction (that have affected us fairly recently).  These rocks and stones acts us filters and stop-gap measures from loose soils when heavy torrential rains bears down on our country and affects our environs.

Their efforts are getting noticed now, not only by the Filipinos who came to listen and try their hands in making for themselves the rock-balancing techniques that these two shared and offered that weekend.  They have standing invitation to perform their rock-balancing artworks in countries such as the United States of America,  Australia and New Zealand, some countries in Europe and the Middle-East.

These two Filipinos, humbly as meek and quiet to others, but have gained enough supporters and followers not only in the country but to other environmentally-conscious countries as well.

As their stones balanced through sheer gravity and calculated positioning to support each pieces for each other, this two wonderful individuals, through our environmental awareness and support to them forms as the art in itself too.

These two partners can be, after all, achieve a status like real rock stars... for our environment.  You two rock!!!

Way to go, Rock Balancing Philippines!

Indeed... Life is Good!

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