Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Heaven on Earth: My Private Moments with Angels on Earth.

Written by JUN REYNALES.
Photographed by BRIAN SANTOS.

Garage88 Lounge Bar, BGC Taguig City, Philippines, November 26, 2012 – Nothing beats a good night with Tereza, Stephany, and the rest of the 2012 Ms. Earth beauty titlists.

Over the night of delicious food and drinks at Garage88 in BGC Taguig City, it was such a memorable evening to have wonderful time with the current Ms. Earth winners Tereza Fajksova (Ms. Earth 2012), Stephany Stefanowitz (Ms. Earth-Air 2012) and the rest of the winners.

Assumed that they’ve been asked gazillion times about their experiences during and after the pageant, so I opted to do a different tactic: asked them instead that if they're for real? I mean, do they really espouse the ideals of really becoming ambassadress for the environment and taking care of the planet... our Earth that is?

Without the glares of spotlights and media paparazzis zooming down their necks almost everytime (like being looked from a microscope),  
I asked Stephany Stefanowitz, who incidentally shared to me that she grew up from Alabang Muntinlupa but now resides in Quezon City, if she does really “walk-her-talk”?

Stephany answered with all her seriousness, yes. Despite her not the athletic-type why she wasn’t able to join the recently concluded 14th Tour of the Fireflies (she confided that she doesn’t know how to ride confidently a bicycle yet), she was ecstatic of all the environmental events that they had been doing and will continue to do within her reign as this year’s 2012 Ms. Earth-Air International.

While seated beside her was this year’s winner, Tereza Fajksova from Czechoslovakia, the new 2012 Ms. Earth International, added that she also was excited and proud now to be chosen to head this year’s earth ambassadors. They will have a more active and busy year ahead in helping promote and campaign for the betterment of the environment, and increase more awareness on conservation programs that Ms. Earth International actively support and campaign.

I also asked Tereza, that, after her stint as the reigning Ms. Earth International, will she go back, and without fanfares and paparazzi in tow, to visit and have a wonderful vacation in the Philippines again?  She said yes. In fact, she wants to go back to discover more the beauty of our country. She looks forward to go around the different beaches and wonderful places, taste more good food (she shared that our local dishes she finds it fascinating and loved it!).

Over the bright full moon, with the beautiful company of these women, the ice-cold beers served, and that humongous hamburger feat, it was a wonderful night well-spent.

And I even came home late around 3:30am already.  Everything was quiet and asleep... not even a cat nor a mouse welcomed me home. 

Tired, yes. Satisfied, yes... even more.

Indeed... Life is Good!


(¯`•¸Geca Franco¸•´¯) said...

That's totally awesome that you got the chance to rub elbows with those beauties. Who was your favorite among them?

Jun Reynales said...

both actually, Geca.

Tereza (Czeck) and Stephany (Phils) are both very fascinating... but when comes to choosing one.. well, i'd find Tereza to be jolly and interesting.

thanks for dropping by, do visit my blogsite often as i do write me photo adventures as often as possible.

life is good!