Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pole Cats: A New Way 
To Look At Cats
Written & Photographed by JUN REYNALES.

Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City, Dec. 7, 2012 –  Awesome felines... they roar and wowed the crowd.

These felines are different.

They looked similar to other felines but their strenght differs from the rest of the pack. They moved steathily yes, they move indeed seductively graceful, and their power to pounce on you is unmatched. And they clinged firmly on a single pole -- amidst the prying eyes of crowd in front of them. They’re tough!

I’ve chanced upon this “wild creatures” not in some back alley of some sleazy neighboorhood nor in some dark siniter-looking rooftops but in a chic hotel at the heart of Makati City a few days ago.

They're the Pole Cats. I was fortunate to see them during their zoned performance on that night.

Initially, I thought that they were just those ordinary things that you get to see and shoot them. But when the first beat started, everybody was so shocked and their jaws dropped with their performance.

They're fantastic!

It was my first time to have witnessed such beautiful performance. Enticing, yes! Sensuous, yes! Astounding, yes! Beautifully-crafted routines, yes! Powerful, all the more! It was my first time too, to have seen how a pole-dancing performance not as sleazy and slutty but as a powerful and highly-energetic act  that enthralled practically everyone on the grand ballroom of these hotel.

Not even those delicious rows of buffet dinner and unlimited servings of alcohols and liquors took away the attention of everybody during the performance. And I tell you, that hotel has always been guilty of producing one of the delicious delectable food on their buffet table always. So for the crowded room not to be affected by the sights and smell of these food, as if hypnotized by their performance that evening, it was amazing to say the least.

I have to hand it to them, they earned my respect as good performers. I admire their strenght and stamina, a not-so-familiar to such mere mortals like myself.  I also admire their focus, that amidst the roaring crowds of spectators, glaring lights from the venue, tons of flashing camera lights (mine included), had little to no effect to their wonderful performance that evening.

Hoping to see more of them next time around. And that their tribe and community flourish even more. Pole-dancing has effected a good and positive way to me now and appreciate their performance.

Would love to hear them say next time, “Have pole? We’ll dance.”

It was a wonderful evening... seeing these cats. Purr... fect, to say the least.

Indeed... Life is Good!

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